During the 40s the Glenn Miller Orchestra became increasingly popular. Titles such as “Moonlight Serenade” – Miller’s signature tune – and “In The Mood” were megahits. The Glenn Miller Orchestra performed in great radio shows and was signed for film performances.


By now the USA had entered into World War II and Glenn Miller volunteered to join the Air Force, which gained the best orchestra in military history. The big band went to England and played for the GIs, involved with the invasion of Europe. When Paris had been liberated in August 1944, the orchestra also performed there. On his return journey to Paris in a small transport airplane Glenn Miller had a fatal accident – it has never been cleared up what caused the crash; the airplane vanished without a trace.


Already during his lifetime Glenn Miller was an idol, revered by music fans throughout the world. The news of his death shook millions who loved his music. However, the myth of this great musician and the fascination of his music are alive to this very day.